April 6, 2012

Make Up the Make, Model, Serial Number

(or "Something About a Rain Delay Leads to Double-Header)

Something like showers and flowers

Something about this being the first day of 180-odd days

Weak attempts to connect a past-time to something larger

A discussion of the economics -- all the way to the ground -- of American baseball would be fascinating

Like Moneyball but actually about the money

Like when you step back and you start looking at every industry as "workfare," like that view you take sometimes where you see television networks as merely optimized ad delivery channels

Cars, seen from a plane at a certain altitude remind you of ants and there is absolutely nothing new in that

From low orbit a variety of features -- man-made and otherwise -- are visible and while that fact is interesting it is more or less useless on most days

What you can see from wherever you are has wildly fluctuating value

What you can see is changing

How you see is changing what you see

What you see is changing how you see next

Like tomorrow and so on

Where I'm at:
Armchairs, butterflies, quarterbacking, under-investment.

Risk portfolios, raise the stakes, urgency, some things do really matter, priorities.

A little bit of a chill, time with me people, time with me, sunlight.


More to come.

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