April 19, 2012

How Farther, How Arch

How farther the farther

How comb the comb

Forbid the coaxing spoil the dial

Wake up to the newer buffer

Ever forward, ever failure

Deeper and deeper and farther still

We learned quite a lesson from that there prohibition

The space between two sections or a cave with unreliable lighting

Salt flats again, some other barren something, a concrete expanse piled high with barrels

Girders upon girders into space

Outer space

Time to consider open-ended issues

Display cases

Outdoor seating areas complete with ceramic chimneys

The intersection of many advancing cultures

Tomorrow we take the hill

And the next day we get serious after breakfast

Our children will remember the hats

They'll call them quaint

But here you are

Bleeding out



And almost forever

Third on the left

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States