April 20, 2012

Don't Call It a Cornerback

Texas and steers

Nightmare walkers, psychopath talkers

Books on music on tape


The legendary autumn

The king of things larger and smaller

Disjoint the annoying aftermathers


Got it gone

Got it going for mooring long

Ice cream one after the other


You're the Rose Parade!

Your arms are the best arms bested

Ever after, ever more, ever crystal, ever torn


Past lives by the mile

Stolen nibbles for wise gauges

Skin can smile beast, beast, beast

Location:Convair Rd,El Paso,United States


Kerridwen said...

Your style is pretty cool :3
I like the addition of the photos.

My napo if interested: http://thetigerssterne.blogspot.co.uk/p/30-poems-in-30-days.html

Jeanne said...

nice.. I agree... like you style and the way you just let the photos roll. I take photos for many of my morning poems but they are pretty contrived. lol... very inspirational. thanks..