April 17, 2012

Someday You Will Be Selected

To weigh the evidence being lined up against one of your peers

Things will happen at distances from their causes

Time will wrap its arms around you to make a new you

Someday you'll sit somewhere and everything worse will fall away, but it will take everything better with it

Diamonds and pebbles will be one

You'll stop seeing atoms and spheres and electrons will be loosed from the shells in your mind

Your body will set you free

Down a hill or across a floor or through a door

You'll risk injury

You'll breathe and breathe deeply

You'll flex your toes and then curl them into the soles of your shoe

You might check the wind

Exhaust, something being fried into delicious, laundry detergent, dirt, greenery

There will be stoplights and loss and forgiveness

Faces will come to you one at a time over a period of weeks and sometimes you'll remember names

Who, what, and where will be on the tip of your tongue

Every one is asking, So what? So what?

You've got this one.


fojee said...

I like this. It leads the reader to unexpected places. And it's like a prophecy of what's to come.